Stars Poly Storage Tanks Factory (LLC)

Established in Dubai - United Arab Emirates in 1998


Stars Poly Storage Tanks Factory L.L.C. was formed in 1998 in Dubai City, our primary objective is to provide high-quality products and services to organizations and companies in the United Arab Emirates and GCC. We have mounted a leading position in manufacturing high-quality polyethylene water tanks aboveground and underground types, and we provided high-quality plastic road barriers on the streets of the United Arab Emirates. Therefore we become a prime manufacturer in the region that continuously provided pioneered products with exceptional services at fair market rates.
Among all the other tank manufacturers, Stars Poly Storage Tanks Factory is the only company in this field that provides one quality for all our products.
Stars Poly Storage Tanks Factory owns the latest machine which enables us to run several production lines which makes Stars Poly the only company in the industry that has different products in shapes & colors with high quality.


Our Visions


To rapidly expand and make our products & services available, accessible, and reachable to everyone at any point of the GCC.