Steel Tanks

Zinc-alum Steel Tanks, install award-winning water and liquid storage tanks. These products have great strength and capacity and are backed by our water-tight, steelclad guarantee that covers both parts and labour.

We are one of the most experienced.

Our depth of experience means we can give you the best advice on tank and pump combinations to maximize the efficient and cost-effective storage and pumping of liquids and water.

Zinc alum Tanks are ruggedly designed for harsh climatic conditions.

Sizes range from 9,235 liters up to 10,000,000 liters and above. With our extensive skills and experience we can custom design and build the right water storage solution for your specific needs.

Tank Capacity Range:

Dimension range: 2.72 m dia / 1.12 m height to 29 m dia / 10.82 m height, Capacity Range : 6.50 cubic meter to 7162 cubic meter

Shell Design Life:

25 years minimum importance factor

State of art high frequency welding of liner, not hot air welding type general market practice to avoid over heating.

  • Liner from SIOEN Belgium, 75 years old probably the largest
  • European liner manufacturer
  • No cracking till 800,000 folds
  • Highest strength in the market
  • Suitable for high BDS, TDS, temperature range

Case Study :

Conventional Tank

  • 1000 Cu. M fire water tank
  • 5 years Old
  • Cost INR 84 Lks.
  • Seepage
  • Rust
  • Maintenance cost total INR 7.25 Lks in 5 Yrs

Our Tank

  • 1100 Cu. M Fire Water Tank
  • 2.5 Years Old
  • Cost INR 46 Lks.
  • Zero Seepage Loss
  • No Rust Formation
  • Zero Maintenance Cost