GRP Products

GRP Water Tanks

GRP is perhaps the most versatile construction material known today, it can offer the designer a wide scope for complexity of shape and can prove very effective when designed correctly, during the design process.
we can utilize many inherent material characteristics that GRP has to offer, such as dimensional stability, strength, lightness of weight, and choice of color, so there is almost no limit to the complexity of the shape, surface appearance, and scale of work achievable in GRP.


We undertake small to large volume production, but we are also mindful that sometimes a single product or prototype is all that is required.
Due to our continual commitment to cost effective composite solutions and our open minded approach regarding unusual or specialist applications, we will consider almost any project.

Our Products Range and Services

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)

Products Service

  • GRP Sectional Tanks
  • Under Ground Water Tank lining
  • Cylindrical Tanks
  • Swimming Pool
  • Plastic Tanks
  • Drainage Manholes
  • Septic Tank & Soak Away
  • Steel Tanks
  • Car Parking Sheds
  • Polyester Doors
  • Shuttering Moulds
  • GRP Liners
  • A/C Trays
  • GRP Gully Ports & Traps
  • Electrical Enclosure